15th Annual Conference

Emerging Markets Conference 2024

EMC brings together the thinkers and doers, with insights and inter-disciplinary perspectives on emerging markets. It is about cutting edge ideas, the discussion at the frontiers, and achieving a strategic sense.

10th-13th December '24

Boundary hall, MCA, BKC, Mumbai



This is a call to all researchers to submit their research papers


XKDR Forum in collaboration with Vanderbilt law School is inviting papers to be submitted for the 15th Emerging Markets Conference, 2024. In the past, the audience for these events has comprised of academics, participants from the legal and financial industry, policy makers from government and regulators.

The conference aims to cover presentations and discussions across the following set of research topics:

  • The sources of economic success or failure in EMs
  • Finance in EMs (households, financial markets, financial intermediaries, firms and finance, finance and growth)
  • Political economy, law, public administration, regulation in EMs
  • The impact of populism upon the possibility of sustained growth
  • Insights into large EMs that matter in and of themselves
  • Insights from narrow research projects that illuminate EMs in general
  • The new phase of globalisation and its consequences for international trade, international finance and the nature of the EM firm
  • Features of a society that enable or disable convergence into the “normal” package of high levels of freedom and prosperity.
  • The puzzles faced by all kinds of decision makers : individuals, civil society actors, firms, all levels of government.
  • Grand challenges such as climate change: implications for EMs and ramifications of choices made in EMs

The ideal papers for EMC shed light on the great questions of the age, while being analytically sound and persuasive.

Program Committee

  • Adam Feibelman, Tulane University
  • Ajay Shah, XKDR Forum
  • Bidisha Chakraborty, Saint Louis University
  • Dan J Awrey, Cornell Law School
  • Harsh Vardhan, Independent
  • Indradeep Ghosh, Dvara Research
  • Joshua Felman, J. H. Consulting
  • Kose John, NYU Stern
  • Kumar V, SMU – Cox School of Business
  • Marios Panayides, The University of Oklahoma
  • N. Prabhala, Johns Hopkins University
  • Pab Jotikasthira, SMU – Edwin L Cox School of Business
  • Pradeep Yadav, The University of Oklahoma
  • Rambhadran Thirumalai, ISB
  • Rajeswari Sengupta, IGIDR
  • Renuka Sane, TrustBridge
  • Sanjay Kallapur, ISB
  • Susan Thomas, XKDR Forum
  • Tanika Chakraborty, IIM Calcutta
  • Yesha Yadav, Vanderbilt University

Please submit your papers in pdf format by following this link .

Important dates for submission

31st August 2024

Submission deadline

Paper submission deadline.


Financial support

Financial support for academic authors whose papers have been accepted at the conference.

Travel arrangements

Travel support of up to USD 500 will be provided for the researchers that might need it.


Accommodation at the conference venue for 3 nights of the conference (10th to 12th December).

Reasons why researchers submit their papers for the conference

Unbiased Opinion

Enhance research credibility, integrity, and scholarly validity significantly.

Panel discussion

Gain diverse perspectives, insights, and rigorous unfiltered scholarly discourse.

Networking and growth opportunity

Fosters collaborations, insights, and global connections.


Elevates credibility, visibility, and opportunities exponentially.


Each year, we award the Springer Emerging Markets Conference discussant award for the best discussant and the first runner up discussant of the papers presented on each day of the EMC. The discussants are selected by an audience poll.



13th December 2023


Best Discussant

Joshua Felman

J H Consulting


Runners Up

Bhargavi Zaveri-Shah

National University of Singapore


Runners Up

Nidhi Aggarwal

IIM, Udaipur

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