Somasekhar Sundaresan


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Somasekhar Sundaresan is a lawyer practising as counsel in the areas of financial sector regulation, competition law, company law, exchange controls, and related litigation. As a member of committees set up by the Government of India, SEBI and the RBI, Somasekhar has drafted laws governing takeovers, insider trading and corporate governance of banks. He was actively involved in drafting the Indian Financial Code recommended by the Financial Sector Legislative Reform Commission. He currently serves on the Advisory Committee of the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India on corporate insolvency and liquidation. Somasekhar is a member of the Board of Studies in the Institute of Law, Nirma University; a member of the Advisory Board of Indian Law Review, a journal on Indian law with comparative perspectives; teaches securities law; and is an amateur mountaineer.

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EMC 2021


15th Dec '21

Emerging Markets Conference