Akshay Jaitly

TrustBridge Rule of Law Foundation and Trilegal

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Akshay Jaitly is a founding partner of Trilegal, and a member of the firm’s board. Over almost 30 years, Akshay has advised on power (especially renewables), oil and gas, transport (roads, airports and metro rail), water and waste projects. He now focuses on providing clients with strategic and policy advice on their investments in these sectors. In early 2022, Akshay co-founded Trustbridge, a foundation that works on evidence-based, impact-oriented research on improving India’s business environment by improving the rule of law. Akshay’s research interests include India’s energy transition and improving
commercial relationships between the state and the private sector. 

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EMC 2023
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12th Dec '23

Investing in renewables: a view from the trenches

12th Dec '23

The market and the state in the power sector

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14th Dec '23

Climate finance for India’s net zero transition

12th Dec '22

Characterising land and property related litigation at the Delhi High Court

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13th Dec '21

The lowest hanging fruit on the coconut tree: India’s climate transition through the price system in the power sector

Emerging Markets Conference